Lyudmila Piskunova
Deputy Chairman of the Union of Pensioners of Russia
Valery Ryazansky
Head of the Social Policy Committee with the RF Federation Council
Dirk Jarré
President of the European Federation of Older Persons - EURAG, Germany
Vsevolod Vukolov
Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the RF
Vladimir Lukin
Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, PhD in history, professor
Marat Sudants
Government Entreprise "Resource Centre for the Development of Social Communicaion", Director, Department of Labour and Social Protection of Moscow Government
Lyubov Mishina
Chairman of Kazan Branch of the Union of Pensioners of Russia, overseer of Third Age University
Vladimir Shabalin
Member of the Acedemy of Science of Russia, President of "REAVI" Medical University, Honorary President of the Russian Association of Gerontologists and Geriatricians
Helena Topoleva-Soldunova
Director of the Social Information Agency NGO (SIC), Head of the Committee of the RF Civic Chamber on Social Policy
Pavel Luksha
Director of corporate training programs of Skolkovo Moscow School of Management
Dr. phil. Rosemarie Kurz
Mag. Dr. phil. Dipl. Paedagogica, Austria
Peter Rudolf Hansen
Miroslav Vajs
EURAG Vice-President, Czech Republic
Roland Gruender
Dieter and Mechtild Massin
Мembers of ESNA (Europäisches Senioren-Netzwerk Ahlen), Germany
Pavel Kalvach
PhD in medicine, professor, Czech Republic
Julia Gryaznova
communication management consultant, Executive Director of the Russian PR Association, professor of the Integrated Communication Department of the High School of Economics
Jozica Puhlar
Member of the Council of Experts of Slovenian Federation of Pensioners Associations (ZDUS), Slovenia
Vaike Pahn
The founding member of NGO 65B, Estonia
Monique Epstein
Founder and Director of E-SENIORS association in Paris, France
Olga Tkacheva
Chief Geriatrician of the RF Ministry of Health, PhD in medicine, Director of the Russian Research and Clinical Centre of Gerontology
Maria Morozova
Helena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation General Director, Head of the “Older Generation” section of the Council on Social Patronage with the RF Government
Daria Halturina
member of the “Council on Public Health and Demography”, sociologist, demographer, public actor, advocates for the government policy and social development to increase life expectancy starting from preventive medicine and up to development of innovative
Tatyana Drozdova
Co-founder of “Young-Old: New Aged” festival
Ekaterina Kurasheva
co-founder of “Young-Old: New Aged” festival
Andrey Selsky
Autonomous NGO “Digital Economy”, head of “Staff and Training” section
Oleg Poletaev
Autonomous NGO “Digital Economy”, head of communications
Sergey Spivak
Russian Association of Electronic Communications, head of “Staffing and training” cluster, founder of i-guru digital agency, head of Independent Centre of digital specialist certification -, developer of self-employment training
Marina Shalashova
Director of Lifelong Learning Institute of the MCU
Albina Bikbulatova
Vice-rector on methodology and inclusive education of the Russian State Social University, PhD in technical science, assistant professor
Liliya Shcheglova
“School 21”, director on practice and partnership (programming, Sberbank)
Sergey Mardanov
Director on co-operation with institutions of higher education, Group
Alexander Zorin
Regional policy director, NGO "Data Economy"
Lyubov Dukhanina
Deputy Chairman of the State Duma on Education and Science
Gediminas Kuliesis
Dana Steinova
EURAG Secretary General, Czech Republic
Svetlana Kraychinskaya
“Agency for the Development of Professional Communities and Work Staff “Young Professionals” (Worldskills, Russia), deputy director general on staffing – Academy director
Helena Bryzgalina
Head of the chair of educational philosophy of the Philosophy Faculty of the Moscow State University
Anatoly Prokhorov
Principal of the School of Inner Adulthood, chief expert of the HSE Education Institute, “Kikoriki” animated series art director
Mikhail V. Clarin
Doctor of pedagogics, corresponding member of the Russian Education Academy
Tatyana Komissarova
HSE dean of the Higher School of Marketing and Business Development, founder of the “Active life for the elderly” project, creator of Web-site
Vladimir Cherepanov
head of IT projects of the Interregional Social Charity Foundation ‘Quality of Life’
Natalia Martynova
Leading advisor, Public health department, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Ekaterina Ukharskaya
“Mertspharma” company
Natalya Shushlina
head of special projects of ‘Rostelecom’ (‘Internet ABC’ program – teaching older generation people to work with computer and in internet)
Konstantin Levin
deputy head of the ‘Federal Methodology Centre on Financial Literacy’ HSE