Forum opening. Plenary session «Lifelong learning. The right of access to education for older persons».

Public Events Hall , 5th floor



  • Lyudmila PiskunovaDeputy Chairman of the Union of Pensioners of Russia, Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Social Policy, Labour Relations, Trade Union Interaction and Veteran Support of the RF Civic Chamber
  • Valery Ryazansky, Head of the Social Policy Committee with the RF Federation Council
  • Dirk Jarre, EURAG President
  • Vsevolod Vukolov, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the RF
  • Vladimir Lukin, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, PhD in history, professor
  • Marat Sudants, Government Entreprise "Resource Centre for the Development of Social Communicaion", Director, Department of Labour and Social Protection of Moscow Government
  • Vladimir Shabalin, Member of the Acedemy of Science of Russia, President of "REAVI" Medical University,  Honorary President of the Russian Association of Gerontologists and Geriatricians
  • Lyubov Mishina, Chairman of Kazan Branch of the Union of Pensioners of Russia, overseer of Third Age University
  • Pavel Kalvach, PhD in medicine, professor, Czech Republic – «Five reasons why to enforce and strengthen links of EURAG with the Russian Union of Pensioners»

Head of plenary session:

  • Julia Gryaznova, communication management consultant, Executive Director of the Russian PR Association, professor of the Integrated Communication Department of the High School of Economics